A declaration by Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, after Massacres

A declaration by Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, after the recent massacres that took place in Paris, Nigeria and Pakistan

Rome, January 17, 2015

One asks today, after the murderous attacks in Paris and the massacres in Nigeria and Pakistan, whether there is need for dialogue between people of different religions and cultures. I beg to reverse the question and ask: can we live without dialogue in a globalized world? On our planet, besides an increase in the number of people who choose to emigrate in search of employment or otherwise, there are entire populations who are forced to flee from their countries because of persecutions taking place in various parts of the world. These people are uprooted from their environment and their future, and are forced to live with others of different races, cultures, opinions and religions.

The pressing question in our Western countries is: how do we live with these people? The answer is clear: we either dialogue or fight with one another. But conflicts lead to the destruction of both residents and immigrants, while openness and dialogue create life and lead to life. Dialogue between people of different creeds always leads to something constructive from which their society and all humanity can benefit, because their actions are based on the fact that they recognize themselves as brethren. I have noted this during my trips to places in the Middle East, Africa and Asia where dramatic situations are present. The brave commitment to dialogue is lived by children in their schools, by families in their neighborhoods and by many people in their workplaces.

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Nancy Pelosi to name first Muslim lawmaker to House intelligence committee

By Lauren French
1/13/15 10:32 AM EST

Andre Carson
Andre Carson is a member of the
Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced in a closed-door meeting Tuesday she would name the first Muslim lawmaker to the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

A senior Democratic aide said Rep. André Carson of Indiana would be named in the “coming days” to the key national security-focused panel. Pelosi (D-Calif.) told lawmakers of the appointment during the members’ weekly caucus meeting.

Carson would be the first Muslim to serve on the committee and was the second Muslim to be elected to Congress. He already serves on the Armed Services Committee and worked for the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center — the clearinghouse established by the federal government to streamline data sharing between the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice and the military.

The intelligence committee will most likely tackle a series of high-profile international crises during the 114th Congress, including the threat of Islamic militants and Ukraine.
Carson’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

The announcement comes in the wake of last week’s terrorist attack by Islamic extremists and subsequent shootouts with police that left 17 people dead. World leaders gathered on Sunday for a 1 million person “solidarity” protest against the violence that targeted French Jews and journalists.

Lauren French

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Movie About Muhammad Ali’s Last Fight: The Last Punch!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 4.48.56 PM

ATLANTA, Ga. – Ali Muhammad, a self-proclaimed street hustler earlier in life and later known as James X Cornelius, penned the book, “The Last Punch,” in 1985 that chronicled his meeting the one he admired and looked up to, the great Muhammad Ali.

Ali Muhammad endeared himself to the great Muhammad Ali, earning Ali’s trust, which allowed him to promote Ali’s last fight in the Bahamas with Trevor Berbick.

Atlanta Muslims still remember Ali Muhammad as James X Cornelius during the early 1970’s and a member of Atlanta’s Temple #15 under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

Ali Muhammad also endeared himself to many among the congregation by providing them transportation from his car lot in southwest Atlanta.

His contribution of transportation also included providing surplus postal vehicles to members of the F.O.I.

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