Conveners of Imams Eid ul-Fitr Announcement!

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July 17, 2014


(Explanation and Methodology)




(Although others following purely calculation and purely counting methods may celebrate the Eid on Monday, July 28th.)


Dear Believers:

The Section Conveners of Imams Associated with the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed project the Eid ul-Fitr celebration to be held on either Monday July 28th or Tuesday July 29th depending upon whether or not the moon is sighted with the naked eye from the continental USA after 29 days (24 hour periods) of fasting on Sunday night, July 27th (which is the 30th night of Ramadan).

The Sectional Conveners and Imams Associated with the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed currently support the practice of performing physical sightings in the continental USA, aided by the use of modern technology and astronomy to help guide those physical sightings.

Astronomical science indicates that there is an extremely high probability that the moon cannot be seen with the naked eye from the continental USA on Sunday night, July 27th (the 30th night of Ramadan). Therefore, we will fast on Monday, the 30th day of Ramadan (completing 30 days of fasting this year, not 29, and we will celebrate the Eid ul-Fitr on Tuesday morning, July 29th 2014, which will be the first day of Shawwal.

See the attached 2014 Ramadan Table we have created that accompanies this announcement. It illustrates how to count the nights and the days after sighting the moon and determining the start of Ramadan. Also, read the following explanation of our methodology.


The Conveners of Imams Associated with the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed use a combination of Science and Tradition to arrive at a determination of the start and end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr.

Read both documents below in their entirety to get the full picture!





Eid Confirmation – Tuesday July 29th

As Salaamu Alaykum!

Dear Muslims,

This notice is to confirm that there have been no sighting reports in the continental USA tonight and therefore we will fast on Monday and celebrate the Eid on Tuesday.

(Note: Some Muslims using other methods such as the calendar only, sightings from other countries, or pure counting will be celebrating Eid on Monday)

The Conveners of Imams Associated with the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed use physical sighting from the continental USA, guided by the aid of astronomical science in order to project where and when our sightings can be made, thus giving our people a measure of foresight, while preserving the tradition of our Prophet and the wisdom contained within the ritual of that tradition.

May Allah reward all of us for our struggle, our charity, our sacrifice and devotion, with a wonderful and BLESSED EID!

Imam Mubaashir Uqdah
Northeast Section Convener

2014 Ramadan Night/Day Counting Chart

Days of Fasting Week Day Gregorian Date Ramadan Date Comment
Thurs Night 6/26/2014 Shaban 29
Fri Day 6/27/2014 Shaban 29
Friday Night 6/27/2014 Shaban 30 Look for Ramadan Moon after 29 days.
Moon not sighted, go one more day (24 hrs through Saturday Night, which is Ramadan 1) and start fast on Sunday day, Ramadan 1.
Saturday Day 6/28/2014 Shaban 30
There are 30 days of fasting this year Saturday Night 6/28/2014 Ramadan 1 Month of Ramadan starts. Tarawih Prayers start.

Although moonsighting is not required at this point, the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed encourages sighting to preserve the tradition and wisdom inherent in the tradition, as Imam Mohammed has explained it.

The moon was sighted.

1 Sunday Day 6/29/2014 Ramadan 1 fast
Sunday Night 6/29/2014 2
2 Monday Day 6/30/2014 2 fast
Monday Night 6/30/2014 3
3 Tuesday Day 7/1/2014 3 fast
Tuesday Night 7/1/2014 4
4 Wednesday Day 7/2/2014 4 fast
Wednesday Night 7/2/2014 5
5 Thursday Day 7/3/2014 5 fast
Thursday Night 7/3/2014 6
6 Friday Day 7/4/2014 6 fast
Friday Night 7/4/2014 7
7 Saturday Day 7/5/2014 7 fast
Saturday Night 7/5/2014 8
8 Sunday Day 7/6/2014 8 fast
Sunday Night 7/6/2014 9
9 Monday Day 7/7/2014 9 fast
Monday Night 7/7/2014 10
10 Tuesday Day 7/8/2014 10 fast
Tuesday Night 7/8/2014 11
11 Wednesday Day 7/9/2014 11 fast
Wednesday Night 7/9/2014 12
12 Thursday Day 7/10/2014 12 fast
Thursday Night 7/10/2014 13
13 Friday Day 7/11/2014 13 fast
Friday Night 7/11/2014 14
14 Saturday Day 7/12/2014 14 fast
Saturday Night 7/12/2014 15
15 Sunday Day 7/13/2014 15 fast
Sunday Night 7/13/2014 16
16 Monday Day 7/14/2014 16 fast
Monday Night 7/14/2014 17
17 Tuesday Day 7/15/2014 17 fast
Tuesday Night 7/15/2014 18
18 Wednesday Day 7/16/2014 18 fast
Wednesday Night 7/16/2014 19
19 Thursday Day 7/17/2014 19 fast
Thursday Night 7/17/2014 20
20 Friday Day 7/18/2014 20 fast
Friday Night 7/18/2014 21
21 Saturday Day 7/19/2014 21 fast
Saturday Night 7/19/2014 22
22 Sunday Day 7/20/2014 22 fast
Sunday Night 7/20/2014 23
23 Monday Day 7/21/2014 23 fast
Monday Night 7/21/2014 24
24 Tuesday Day 7/22/2014 24 fast
Tuesday Night 7/22/2014 25
25 Wednesday Day 7/23/2014 25 fast
Wednesday Night 7/23/2014 26
26 Thursday Day 7/24/2014 26 fast
Thursday Night 7/24/2014 27
27 Friday Day 7/25/2014 27 fast
Friday Night 7/25/2014 28
28 Saturday Day 7/26/2014 28 fast
Saturday Night 7/26/2014 29
29 Sunday Day 7/27/2014 29 fast
Sunday Night 7/27/2014 30 Look for Shawwal Moon after 29 days of fasting (30th Night). Since it is most probable that No Moonsighting will happen in the continental USA, we will therefore fast the 30th day and then have the Eid the following day.
30 Monday Day 7/28/2014 30 FAST
Monday Night 7/28/2014 Shawwal 1
*** Eid ul-Fitr *** Tuesday Day 7/29/2014 Shawwal 1 *** Eid ul-Fitr ***
Total 30 days of fasting 30 nights, 30 days fasting

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