Community Governance Concept Papers – Give Your Input!

As Salaamu Alaykum!

Dear Followers of Imam W. Deen Mohammed,


As you may know, the Section Conveners have been conducting Community Leadership Summit weekends (CLS) in various parts of the country and in each of these sessions the conversation about leadership, structure, representation and working together as a community has been a strong concern amongst the participants. In addition, in each Section we are aware of community conflicts around governance and Section Conveners are approached often by individuals regarding matters of community governance.

Government is one of the four birds and it has its impact on our lives. We discuss these issues and concerns all the time and we are seeking a wider and organized shuraa on the concept of governance in the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

The Conveners have produced two DRAFT Community Governance Concept Papers for your review and input (see separate attachments). These papers are:

Establishing Islamic Democracy
Government: Agreements, Standards, and Accountability by Way of Mutual Consultation


Click the links above, scroll down and click the document images on the right, and/or mouse-over the “Add Your Comments” menu link  and choose the document for which you want to add your comments. You can also email your comments to your Section Convener.

All comments are welcome.

President Obama Closing Remarks: At Summit on Violent Extremism


Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                           February 18, 2015





South Court Auditorium

4:20 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  (Applause.)  Thank you so much. Everybody, please have a seat.

Well, thank you, Lisa, for the introduction.  Lisa is an example of the countless dedicated public servants across our government, a number of who are here today, who are working tirelessly every single day on behalf of the security and safety of the American people.  So we very much appreciate her.  And thanks to all of you for your attendance and participation in this important summit.

For more than 238 years, the United States of America has not just endured, but we have thrived and surmounted challenges that might have broken a lesser nation.  After a terrible civil war, we repaired our union.  We weathered a Great Depression, became the world’s most dynamic economy.  We fought fascism, liberated Europe.  We faced down communism — and won.  American communities have been destroyed by earthquakes and tornadoes and fires and floods — and each time we rebuild.

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Help Preserve The Knowledge Of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

As Salaam Alaykum!

There are about 47 papers missing. Do you have any?

I think most of us realize the importance of preserving the tremendous knowledge that Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave to us and the world via his printed articles. One of the best ways of preserving this knowledge, (and just as important is sharing this with others) is to put it into digital form (See the excerpt from Imam Mohammed’s lecture titled: Structure, Guard And Publish The Knowledge

When they’re in digital form, all of the Imam’s articles for the last thirty-three years can be copied and shared with others in a matter of minutes. This would be impossible in paper form.

Out of a total of 1748 papers from March 1975 to September 2008, 1702 papers (97%) were checked for articles and scanned . This leaves about 47 papers (3%) that are missing.

Of course every paper didn’t run a new article from Imam Mohammed. Many had no article and some were repeats. For example in 1996 out of the 52 weeks, I had 48 papers to check, and out of that, there were only 9 new articles from the Imam published.

The goal is to scan, preserve, and post 100% of Imam Mohammed’s published articles, but we need your help.

Below is a year by year list of the papers that have not been checked for articles (from the Muslim Journal, Progressions Magazine, AM Journal, World Muslim News, Bilalian News, and Muhammad Speaks).

Click “Read More” to See the List of Missing Lectures:

If you have any of these please contact me, Leslie Taha at

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