2014 Ramadan Night/Day Counting Chart

Days of Fasting Week Day Gregorian Date Ramadan Date Comment
Thurs Night 6/26/2014 Shaban 29
Fri Day 6/27/2014 Shaban 29
Friday Night 6/27/2014 Shaban 30 Look for Ramadan Moon after 29 days.
Moon not sighted, go one more day (24 hrs through Saturday Night, which is Ramadan 1) and start fast on Sunday day, Ramadan 1.
Saturday Day 6/28/2014 Shaban 30
There are 30 days of fasting this year Saturday Night 6/28/2014 Ramadan 1 Month of Ramadan starts. Tarawih Prayers start.

Although moonsighting is not required at this point, the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed encourages sighting to preserve the tradition and wisdom inherent in the tradition, as Imam Mohammed has explained it.

The moon was sighted.

1 Sunday Day 6/29/2014 Ramadan 1 fast
Sunday Night 6/29/2014 2
2 Monday Day 6/30/2014 2 fast
Monday Night 6/30/2014 3
3 Tuesday Day 7/1/2014 3 fast
Tuesday Night 7/1/2014 4
4 Wednesday Day 7/2/2014 4 fast
Wednesday Night 7/2/2014 5
5 Thursday Day 7/3/2014 5 fast
Thursday Night 7/3/2014 6
6 Friday Day 7/4/2014 6 fast
Friday Night 7/4/2014 7
7 Saturday Day 7/5/2014 7 fast
Saturday Night 7/5/2014 8
8 Sunday Day 7/6/2014 8 fast
Sunday Night 7/6/2014 9
9 Monday Day 7/7/2014 9 fast
Monday Night 7/7/2014 10
10 Tuesday Day 7/8/2014 10 fast
Tuesday Night 7/8/2014 11
11 Wednesday Day 7/9/2014 11 fast
Wednesday Night 7/9/2014 12
12 Thursday Day 7/10/2014 12 fast
Thursday Night 7/10/2014 13
13 Friday Day 7/11/2014 13 fast
Friday Night 7/11/2014 14
14 Saturday Day 7/12/2014 14 fast
Saturday Night 7/12/2014 15
15 Sunday Day 7/13/2014 15 fast
Sunday Night 7/13/2014 16
16 Monday Day 7/14/2014 16 fast
Monday Night 7/14/2014 17
17 Tuesday Day 7/15/2014 17 fast
Tuesday Night 7/15/2014 18
18 Wednesday Day 7/16/2014 18 fast
Wednesday Night 7/16/2014 19
19 Thursday Day 7/17/2014 19 fast
Thursday Night 7/17/2014 20
20 Friday Day 7/18/2014 20 fast
Friday Night 7/18/2014 21
21 Saturday Day 7/19/2014 21 fast
Saturday Night 7/19/2014 22
22 Sunday Day 7/20/2014 22 fast
Sunday Night 7/20/2014 23
23 Monday Day 7/21/2014 23 fast
Monday Night 7/21/2014 24
24 Tuesday Day 7/22/2014 24 fast
Tuesday Night 7/22/2014 25
25 Wednesday Day 7/23/2014 25 fast
Wednesday Night 7/23/2014 26
26 Thursday Day 7/24/2014 26 fast
Thursday Night 7/24/2014 27
27 Friday Day 7/25/2014 27 fast
Friday Night 7/25/2014 28
28 Saturday Day 7/26/2014 28 fast
Saturday Night 7/26/2014 29
29 Sunday Day 7/27/2014 29 fast
Sunday Night 7/27/2014 30 Look for Shawwal Moon after 29 days of fasting (30th Night). Since it is most probable that No Moonsighting will happen in the continental USA, we will therefore fast the 30th day and then have the Eid the following day.
30 Monday Day 7/28/2014 30 FAST
Monday Night 7/28/2014 Shawwal 1
*** Eid ul-Fitr *** Tuesday Day 7/29/2014 Shawwal 1 *** Eid ul-Fitr ***
Total 30 days of fasting 30 nights, 30 days fasting


Hakim Majeed 21-07-2014, 14:51

I think this is the most remarkable and absolutely wonderful professional and scientifically done work. This includes the scholarly scientific islamic research work done here as well.

I must say that with me being an pioneer of Islam in america with over 50 years of sacrifice and support associated with this community, I feel nothing less than a sense of respect, honor and pride to be associated with this community and believers like Mubaashir Uqdah and those mentioned here who care so much about us all that they go to this extent to see that we are correctly informed as to the how and why’s so that we can most intelligently go about practicing and living this deen in the most dignified manner. The manner which compels the whole civilized world to look upon us a community with marvel and respect on the highest levels.

I have an appreciation and respect for these believers, Mubaashir Uqdah and those hard working Imams and believer men and women above who are devoted and intelligent G’d fearing individuals who continuously work to bring us the timely and much needed guidance information used in applying the divine guidance of Quran which has been introduced to us through the teachings and Quranic tafsir of Imam W. Deen Mohammed that is so great that it is beyond my ability to express except to say, it is of an affectionate nature.

Mubaashir Uqdah (admin) 21-07-2014, 15:40

Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar Hakim!

I am certain that your comments will touch the hearts of all the Conveners; I will certainly make sure that they each receive your comments. We are honored and proud to be a part of people like yourself and we will continue to work hard and do our best to join you in expressing and demonstrating Al-Islam in a way that would make both Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Imam Mohammed (ra) proud. We thank you brother Hakim.

Ramadan Mubarak wa Eid Mubarak!

Admin Mubaashir

Abdulmalik Saafir 21-07-2014, 14:36

Thank you Imam Mubaashir and my compliments of appreciations to the Conveners. I thank Allah for our leadership that we have among our Imams who have taken our Imam W.D. Mohammed language and method of study into application and practice demonstrating leadership and following how Prophet Mohammed (saw) applied the principles of sighting the moon as well in different regions. We must continue providing this leadership to our communities and to show we have qualified people that can lead and determine our future with the guidance of Allah. It has helped me also in a way of submitting my paperwork requesting inmates participation in Ramadan when submitting request for location, time, food, and gate clearances for the Ramadan Program inside the institutions. Thank you again Shukran Jazakallah Khair

Imam/Chaplain Abdulmalik Saafir

Mubaashir Uqdah (admin) 21-07-2014, 15:28

Alhamdulillah Imam Saafir,

Your words are heartwarming and encouraging. I will make sure the other Conveners receive your comments; I know they will be appreciative. It is an honor to be in the community with you striving for continuous improvement until we have an expression of our community that our leader would be proud of.

Blessed Ramadan and Blessed Eid!

Admin Mubaashir

Hamin Khatib 21-07-2014, 08:43

Peace be on you, Ramadan Mubarak, Lalia Tu Qadr Mubarak! Thank You! This is a great representation of (Daddy) Imam W. Deen Mohammed Again Thank you!

Mubaashir Uqdah (admin) 21-07-2014, 13:19

Allahu Akbar! Ramadan Mubarak!

I will make sure the Conveners see your compliments, I am sure they will be appreciative!

Admin Mubaashir


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