Al-Islam, commonly called Islam, is a complete way of life practiced by 1.5 billion people on the planet earth. Al-Islam means The Peace. The sincere and intelligent practice of Al-Islam brings you to a state of peace within yourself that is The Peace that only Allah can give to the soul and mind of the human being.

The five great principles of Al-Islam are:

  1. To worship only the Creator of the skies, the earth, and human beings (Allah).  This principle keeps the human being from being subject to superstition, fear, and subservience to things that they should seek to understand, master, and harmonize with to have a great life on earth.
  2. The second great principle is Prayer (Salat). Prayer is a huge concept, which includes the beautiful, traditional form of prayer that Muslims around the world are known for. The idea of this principle is to cultivate the inner self. Allah tells us that the person who cultivates the inner self will attain peace and success.

  3. The third great principle of Al-Islam is Charity (Zakat). The arabic word zakat literally means ‘increase.’ Charity in Al-Islam is the idea of giving in order to increase the good. When you give of yourself to increase the good in a situation, you also increase the good in yourself. 
  4. The fourth principle that guides Muslim life is Fasting (Sawm). Most people are familiar with the Muslim ritual of fasting during the month of Ramadhan; that is refraining from eating and drinking and satisfying our material appetites for 30 days. One of the great benefits of this principle is the discipline and self control it teaches. When you can control yourself, you can make more progress, keep your life in balance and order, take your share and let others have their share, etc. It is a wonderful principle with many benefits.
  5. Fifth is the principle of The Journey to the House of Allah (Hajj). Everyone knows that each year millions of Muslims of all nationalities and ethnic groups travel from all parts of the globe to the city of Mecca to visit the Ka’aba and perform the prescribed rituals. This is an effort that all Muslims are obligated to try and fulfill at least once in their lifetime. There are many great lessons in the Hajj, but two important ones are the idea that humanity is one family; we all revolve around the human life concerns that Allah gave us when HE created us. Secondly, all of us must make our life a journey to reach that place where Allah dwells so that HE can be the center or nucleus that our life revolves around.   

Al-Islam is such a comprehensive way of life that it cannot even be summarized in a single post. In time we will have more comments on this great way of life.


Ramon Al-Amin 28-07-2014, 05:12

As salaam Alaikum! I am so happy that we have a community website! I have a couple of suggestions. I know everyone is very busy but there does need to be more content. At least 3 articles a week if not 1 each day. I think this site should act as a central hub for all the activities within our community. Not only as a community bulletin board but to also showcase the various organizations within our community (and provide links to their websites) and the authors that we have and featured book reviews and excerpts and links to where these books can be purchased. This site can be a starting point to provide direction to all of the various sites on the web involving members of our community; a connective tissue so to speak for all of our communties internet endeavors. I also think this site should have a social media presence via Twitter. One last suggestion; post weekly articles written by various Imams of a witten abbreviated version of their khutbahs and Taleems. May Allah continue to bless your efforts!

Mubaashir Uqdah (admin) 28-07-2014, 06:31

Alaikum As Salaam!

Alhamdulillah for the excellent recommendations. We are in sync with you on the recommendations and we do hope to reach the level of proficiency that you have described. Your ideas are in the task list. We will try to advance.

Admin Mubaashir

Ahmed Sabree 21-07-2012, 14:43

Al humdulillah. Great Website and a timely resource for the community. I have one suggestion that would aid in our identification in the future. I think it would be helpful for our community and for others if some where on the homepage of the Website we show our community’s flag and also a section that explains the symbols and meaning and origin of the flag. This would help to make us more readily identifiable to ourselves and others. Great job, may Allah continue to bless us. Long live Muhammed ! ( Muhammed The Prophet, The Hon.Elijah Muhammad and Imam W. Deen Mohammed)

Admin Mubaashir 22-07-2012, 10:07

Alhamdulillah, great suggestion. It will be included with our improvements.

Thank You!


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