Conveners’ Statement on the Kidnapping of Nigerian School Girls

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Statement on the Kidnapping of

Nigerian School Girls

Our thoughts and prayers are with the kidnapped school girls, their families, and the Nigerian people during this painful time.

We stand united with the concerned people of the world in condemning the acts of barbarism against innocent children seeking an education. The seeking of knowledge and education is both a universal human right for all people and a central element of the Islamic faith. However, the acts of kidnapping and the selling of human beings are crimes against humanity and have never been sanctioned or justified in any religious tradition.

We hope and pray that goodness and human decency prevails, that no harm comes to the children, and they are rescued or safely returned to their families.


Billie Marzullo 10-05-2014, 07:22

I don’t understand why the US Imam community and leadership has not spoken out sooner and louder about this act of extremism and terror. These kinds of acts support the image of Islam as evil. I am not Muslim but silence is a real PR problem for Muslims in the US. I would suggest using spokesmen/women to speak to all print and broadcast media with the teachings of Islam and Koran. Billie Marzullo

Mubaashir Uqdah (admin) 10-05-2014, 09:24

Hi Billie,

Thanks for your observations and feedback. It’s not that Muslims don’t speak out; we have just not been effective at establishing relationships with many media outlets or we don’t have access to them. For example, our group has not yet purposefully identified and gathered the contact information of tens and hundreds of media outlets that we can simultaneously send our statements to. This is something we are working on and as our political sophistication improves, you will see more widespread responses on issues (provided the outlets print those commentaries).

Billie, your advice is appreciated. Thanks.

admin Mubaashir


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