Culture is the Womb of Society

The culture of a society functions as the womb of that society; it is the environment which brings its people to birth. Culture permeates all aspects of the society and it plays the most powerful role in the spiritual and mental creation of its people.

This page will be developed in stages. For now, we are just going to provide a list of links to various songs that represent just some of the work of our musicians and singers. These men and women are on the front line of the battle to cleanse and dignify the culture of America.

Click Links to Listen to the Songs.  We will be adding more artists and also the information where you will be able to purchase their music.

Suad El-Amin

Su'ad El-Amin head
Holding On
A Message of Concern
We Know The Way

Wali Ali

Wali Ali head
We Cannot Stop Now!
Master Bilal
We People

Abdullah Muhammad

Abdullah Muhammad Head
Living in Confusion
Self Control
Stop Playing Games

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